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About Billing for Sleep Apnea

It’s no secret that the medical field takes a different approach to sleep apnea treatment than that of dental sleep medicine. It’s perhaps one of the greatest ironies surrounding this health condition that treatments for one condition should be fragmented into two very different fields of medicine. It’s no wonder then, that the billing processes for sleep apnea treatments are equally complicated by this schism in treatment pathways.

With years of experience treating sleep apnea with dental sleep medicine, Dr. Marty Lipsey is the director and CEO of Dental Sleep Med Systems, Inc. As a consultant and educator, Dr. Lipsey has helped many practices learn how to successfully integrate sleep apnea treatment into their services—and now he brings his expertise in this field to the intricacies of billing for sleep apnea.

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Health Conditions Related to Sleep Apnea

While creative cross-coding may be effective for some dental treatments that require medical billing, it is hardly the best way to approach sleep medicine. In recent years, sleep breathing disorders have been linked to a number of medical problems, from heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure to type II diabetes, obesity, and stroke.

With links to so many conditions, understanding the full picture of a patient’s overall health is often necessary to establishing the proper coding and billing for apnea treatment. Not only must we look at each case individually, but we must also know the billing requirements from different insurers. When it comes to sleep medicine, the treatment may be very simple, but the documentation and procedural protocols can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the requirements.

View our video blog Ten Most Common Mistakes in Dental Sleep Medicine to learn more about common mistakes and best practices in sleep medicine.

We Make It Easy!

Unfortunately, many dental practices give up on offering sleep apnea treatments and appliances, due to the red tape involved with diagnosis, coordinating sleep studies, and billing. This is where Medical Billing for Dentists comes in.

Dr. Lipsey has helped hundreds of practices learn the ropes of dental sleep medicine. There’s no reason for you to try to do this alone, when we’ve already learned the best practices for establishing a profitable and sustainable sleep medicine program in your practice.

As your billing partner, we are fully qualified to take over the billing for you. All you do is provide us with the patient’s insurance card and a copy of the sleep study, and we do the rest.

Call us today at 209-527-1995 to learn how Medical Billing for Dentists can help make billing for sleep apnea a headache-free process for your office.

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