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Fee Schedules

When a dental practice first begins to plan and initiate a sleep medicine program, fee schedules are often an area of great concern. Some of the first questions we get include:

  • Can you help me create a fee schedule?
  • What is the “standard charge” for each service?
  • What are the appropriate fees that will help me with medical dental billing and case presentation?

The short answer is “yes, we can”! Establishing a fee schedule is a standard part of the services we offer all our clients at Medical Billing for Dentists. Call us today at 209-527-1995 to get started.

It can sometimes come as a great shock to dentists that medical dental billing is a totally different ball game from standard dental billing. Many of the treatment steps of sleep medicine have no analog in the traditional dental industry, and dentists are left scratching their heads wondering how much to charge for each service.

Worse yet, you may feel the only way to get a handle on the correct fee structure is to master the coding system used in medical dental billing. The truth is that coding for billing will not help you set an appropriate fee schedule, because fee schedules can be as unique as the dental practices they represent.

Many factors go into setting a fee schedule that will maximize your success with sleep medicine, including local demographic information, your level of experience in the field, and the types of appliances you will offer your patients.

A Unique Fee Schedule to Maximize Case Acceptance

Over our 11 years of specializing in dental sleep medicine and medical dental billing, we’ve come face-to-face with the variables that can affect fees, billing, and case presentation. Through trial and error, we’ve come to understand how the differences in how we bill for medical versus dental services can have an impact on whether your patients say “yes” to treatment.

As part of our standard consultation, we will share these nuances with you, and help you design a fee schedule that will increase your odds of case acceptance.

Most dental practices that abandon sleep medicine do so not because the treatments don’t work, but because fees and billing do not make it profitable to continue offering a service patients rarely accept. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of dentists find success in sleep medicine, and designing an appropriate fee schedule is a critical piece of your ability to establish a program that will last.

The best part is that you’ll never need to worry about medical and dental coding for your fees. We take this aspect of billing into account when customizing your fee schedule, and we file the paperwork for your insurance claims.

Unfortunately, there’s no one standard fee for any step of dental sleep medicine—but we’ll help you determine the best fee schedule for your practice. Call us today at 209-527-1995 to get started.

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