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Medicare Compliance

In the past, Medicare was a very black and white issue for dentists. You either accepted it or you didn’t. However, with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare is now something that all dentists are legally required to have on their radar. As of 2015, all dentists were required to register with Medicare, even if you they didn’t accept the program for dental treatments. This is primarily a matter of prescription coverage, (e.g., in the event that you prescribe medication to a patient on Medicare), but there are other issues that may also be of concern. If you have not complied with this recent mandate from the federal government, this is certainly one area that Medical Billing for Dentists can assist with.

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Should I accept Medicare?

There are many reasons why accepting Medicare could be a beneficial change for your practice. As the federal health program for Americans aged 65 and over, Medicare allows all senior citizens access to critical medical and dental care. Many dental practices do not accept Medicare due to the complicated procedures associated with billing. Depending on your regional and local demographic information, however, adding Medicare to your practice can be a lucrative investment for many providers. It’s no secret that patients 65 and older are the ones who often find themselves in need of extensive restorations and ongoing periodontal care. Adding Medicare to your practice’s offerings “painlessly” is one area where Medical Billing for Dentists can help.

Why Opting Out Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

For dentists who are not signed up with any medical or dental insurers, it may seem illogical that you would be required to register with Medicare for the first time–especially if you have no plans to bill Medicare in the future. While opting out may seem like the simplest solution, it actually is the more complicated path to take.

When you opt out, you may wind up designated “non-compliant” if you do not follow Medicare’s stringent requirements that go into effect after you have opted out. The requirements for opting out involve written contracts with all patients over 65, sending ongoing affidavits to Medicare processors in your jurisdiction, and other requirements. This can be a tricky and confusing pathway, and it can alienate your patients.

We Make Medicare Easy

Regardless of whether you plan to accept and bill Medicare in the future, we can make the process easy for you by filing all forms electronically. If you do decide to opt out or wish to discuss the requirements in full detail, call our office or email us and we can handle the process for you. We can also submit changes in your Medicare status and billing electronically at any time, even if you have already chosen the non-billing option for a specific service and have changed your mind.

Call us today at 209-527-1995 to speak with a member of our staff about the ways that Medical Billing for Dentists can help you understand Medicare requirements.

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