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About Medical Dental Billing

Have any of these questions plagued your practice?

  • How do I get paid for sleep appliances?
  • How can I get the maximum reimbursement from medical insurance?
  • What’s the best way to present a case to my patient?
  • How does Medicare fit in?

At Medical Billing for Dentists, our team will address these issues for you and take the confusion out of your billing procedures. We will take the time to understand the unique challenges you face, devise a fee schedule for your office, and provide patient-ready forms and templates, as well as patient-ready case presentation your patients can afford to say “yes” to. After your patient accepts treatment, we handle all the billing and the check goes straight to you. When possible, we ensure that insurance payments are electronically deposited directly to your bank account.

It’s that simple. Read about our process to learn more about how we initiate and maintain an efficient billing process with each client.

Have you had enough of ambiguous cross billing? Call us today at 209-527-1995 to speak with a member of our staff—and you can look forward to headache-free billing from now on!

“Cross Coding” and Billing

We receive countless queries from practices requesting assistance with “medical cross coding for dental procedures.” We find ourselves explaining time and again that—while we certainly can help you with dental medical billing—cross coding is an inappropriate misnomer.

On the surface, the idea of cross coding may seem a simple matter to bill medical insurers for dental treatments—but the reality is that this is not the best way to bill your services. Popular in the 1980s, dental-to-medical cross coding is based on the belief that every dental code has a medical code equivalent. At that time there were not appropriate medical codes for the procedures commonly performed today, so practices had to come up with creative coding solutions when cross coding dental procedures.

More recently, however, there has been an increase in the research proving the systemic links between dental and overall health. As a result, we’re able to identify and apply the appropriate medical codes to get you the most appropriate insurance filing possible.

No New Software!

Many dental medical billing companies will lead you to believe that the best way to make medical dental billing simple is by using their proprietary software. That’s one reason we’re a different type of billing partner; Medical Billing for Dentists does not offer or require any new software for your staff to master. We have never met a dentist that actually wanted to add a new software program to their practice, so our services take software out of the equation altogether.

In our opinion, expecting your team to learn medical coding and form filing is similar to proposing that they learn a second language. If you handed your office staff a foreign language dictionary, they may be able to look up the words but it’s unlikely they could string them together into a coherent sentence. With our services, your team will hold on to the time they need to keep your practice running, your schedule full, and successfully handle your dental insurance billing.

With Medical Billing for Dentists, there’s no need for the time and expense of learning yet another software application. Let us do the work for you!

A Patient-Friendly and Staff-Friendly Billing Partner

We know that the system and the assistance you get from your billing partner is often the difference between successful implementation and failure. Choosing the wrong medical dental billing partner is number one reason why many offices give up on dental sleep medicine. At Medical Billing for Dentists, we offer the most fine-tuned, complete system, developed from over a decade of real experience in the field.

Your success as a dental practice is about much more than billing; there’s no need for you to feel like you have to master this complex task when we can do the work for you. Compare the detailed financial case presentation information that we give you for each case to the vague information you will get from others. We’ll be happy to show you the difference.

Call us today at 209-527-1995 to speak with a member of our staff about viewing a sample of the materials and services we routinely provide to dental practices like yours.


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